Young Entrepreneurs Programme

The ‘Young Entrepreneurs Programme’ is an intensive 12 month programme offered to aspiring entrepreneurs aged 19-29.

The programme is highly practical and designed to equip the programme participants with the business and leadership skills they need to thrive in today’s increasingly fast moving and complex business environment.

The programme material will draw from the entrepreneurial elements of the ‘Your Dream Business‘ programme run by Move Beyond, and the leadership, team, and organisational culture elements delivered by Lead Beyond, alongside guest speakers from a range of commercial backgrounds.

Delivered over a series of live modules throughout the year, along with coaching and mentoring, and access to online resources and support, the programme will set the participants up for success and inspire them to build businesses that will impact the world in a positive way.

They will learn a broad range of business skills, with a focus on building businesses that are both sustainable, and focused on being of service to the world and not just about making a profit and being accountable to shareholders. The businesses of the future need strong corporate, social, and environmental responsibility and to be accountable to society as well as shareholders.

Participants will gain both experience and a new perspective of the relationship between business and the wider world by participating in one or more volunteer outreach projects such, eg: the Build a School project run by buildOn.

Prospective candidates will be invited to apply for a place on the programme and the most promising candidates will be selected to participate in the programme.