We are currently in our research phase. In order for the project to achieve its aims we realise that substantial research needs to be undertaken prior to launching our projects. This is currently broken down in to three areas:

Candidate Selection

We want to ensure that we select the most suitable candidates for our core programmes. Those who are likely to go on to make the biggest difference in the world. We know that this process needs to go way beyond academic achievement and are currently researching the elements and structure of our application and selection process. If you have experience or suggestions in this area, we’d love to hear from you!

Young People’s Views and Pilot Workshops

We curious to hear how the current young generation (16yrs – 25yrs) perceive the world and some of the challenges we face in our society. We want to know how they see the future unfolding and what they are hungry for. We also want opportunities to pilot our material. So if you work in a school, run a youth group, or work with young people in another capacity and can create an opportunity for us to pilot a workshop or conduct a research session then we’d love to hear from you!

Programme Delivery

We’re seeking to understand the best way to deliver the Pathways to the Future programme. One obvious possibility is through educational institutions but we’re really not sure if this is the best channel for the programme. If you work in education or with young people in another capacity, and have a view on how this programme might best be offered to young people who are hungry for change and keen to make a difference then we’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for your interest! 

Future Generation